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Welcome to official webpage of Jammu Tawi Golf Course, Sidhra. Opening of multi cuisine restaurant at JTGC (exclusively for members). Please visit JTGC for an mesmerizing experience.

 Playing Rights

The user/playing rights pattern of the course would be on the basis of limited term, lifetime or casual daily "Pay and Play" basis. In case of the corporate category the playing rights will be for a period of 3 years.

The number and the period of grant of playing rights will be at the sole description of the management of the Jammu Tawi Golf Course.

The Jammu Tawi Golf Course will essentially provide "Pay and Play" facility to ensure maximum participation by tourists and visiting golfers. Playing rights will hence be restricted to minimum. The Course will have certain eminent golfers on its role so that they are able to impart nuances of the game and its etiquette, which are very important aspects of golf. Playing rights would be permitted in the following categories:

1. Government Servants
2. Other (Non - Service)
3. Corporate
4. Foreigners
5. Honorary
6. Temporary Tenure
7. Temporary
8. Staff playing rights will be given in addition to the above

Various types of playing rights as indicated above are defined in the succeeding paragraphs.

1. Government Servants:
This type of playing rights will be granted to the employees of the State and Central Government and PSUs. The playing rights once granted will not be transferred. Each individual can nominate his/her spouse and children (between the age of 5 and 18 years) as dependent individuals and disclose their details in the application form at the time of applying for playing rights. Any individual who gets married after obtaining the playing rights of the Golf Course may get his/her spouses name included as a dependent individual from the date of the marriage provided the individual is entitled to dependent playing rights.

2. Others (Non - Service):
This type of playing rights will be available to the persons other than those not covered in the definition of playing rights under Government Servants condition for dependents will be same as in Government Servants.

3. Corporate Playing Rights:
The corporate playing rights will be granted on term basis to PSUs, Private sector and multinational companies. Each organization will nominate 3 employees for playing rights for a period of 3 years. Change of nominees will be allowed with prior approval of the management committee.

4. Honorary Playing Rights:
Past and present chairman, and members of the governing body will be honorary members. The chairman may also at his discretion nominate honorary members for a term of 3 years.

5. Temporary Tenure Playing Rights:
This playing right will be granted to the Central Government employees for a period of three years serving in the State on tenure basis.

6. Temporary Playing Rights will be for one week only.

7. Staff Playing Rights:
This will be restricted to staff individuals of Jammu Tawi Golf Course of Executive Rank, having handicap of 12 and below from a recognized golf course/club. Playing rights will need to be approved by the competent authority.

Application and Acceptance of Playing Rights

A candidate shall apply for Temporary/Life term playing rights, hereinafter called playing rights, to the Jammu Tawi Golf Course on a prescribed form available from the golf course on a payment of Rs 100. An Applicant is eligible to use the course only on the approval of the application and issue of an ICard.

• I Cards All those granted playing rights will be issued laminated identity card and Rs 200/= will be charged for each card (when issued initially). Separate cards will be issued for dependents on payment of Rs 250/= each.

• Possession of I Cards All those granted playing rights are advised to carry their identity cards whenever visiting the course. Non Production of identity cards may debar an individual from getting any course facility.

The management has the full discretion to grant or reject an application for playing rights and no representation will be entertained.

Usage of Course

The numbers of playing rights are being restricted to those who actually have interest in the game of golf. Individuals granted playing rights should play at least four times in a quarter, failing which their playing rights are liable to be terminated and entry fee paid forfeited.

Termination of Playing Rights

Playing rights shall be terminated for any of the following reasons:

- On the individual’s request.
- For nonpayment of club dues for a period of two months or more. The management committee will not be responsible for non-receipt of letters by individuals because of incorrect address or postal delays. Individuals are requested to ensure that monthly subscription is paid regularly to avoid termination of playing rights.
- Misconduct or any act considered prejudicial to the good name and smooth functioning of the course or infringement of the rules and bylaws of the course.
- The management committee may terminate the playing rights of any individual without assigning any reason whatsoever. Names of individuals whose playing rights are terminated shall be posted on the notice board
- For not regularly using the facility as specified above. on termination of playing rights the individual cannot use the course facilities unless his / her 'Playing Rights' is approved afresh. This shall not be treated as restoration of the earlier playing rights. His/ Her case may be considered on submission of fresh application with necessary formalities, payment of charges and upon return of old I Card. In case of termination of playing rights due to nonpayment of dues reacceptance will call for additional payment of 25% of entry fee at the then prescribed rate and on clearing the outstanding dues. The management will consider each case of revival of playing rights due to nonpayment of dues on its own merit.

*Subject to ratification.